Use Cases for Attack Surface Manager

The lack of visibility on real system-to-system connectivity is a critical missing link in today’s cybersecurity architecture, leaving organizations susceptible to APTs and other living-off-the-land attacks. By exposing and removing hidden credentials, rogue connections, and other conditions that serve as “fuel” for advanced and targeted attackers, Attack Surface Manager (ASM) gives security teams unprecedented power to easily implement a cyber hygiene program to harden their networks against malicious lateral movement of cyberattackers. 

This paper provides an overview of common ways that Illusive's customers are using Attack Surface Manager, including:

  • Establishing foundational cyber hygiene to prevent malicious lateral movement
  • Filling dangerous gaps in privileged access management (PAM)  or Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solutions
  • Identifying insider threats and malicious insider activity
  • Providing powerful, automated Red Team functions, and streamlining the activity of professional Red Teamers