Attack Surface Manager Spotlight Solution

Discover and eliminate hidden credentials and connections that increase vulnerability to attack. Limited-time special offer.

Recent cyberattacks such as LockerGoga and others follow a clear pattern of exploiting existing credentials and connections. Attackers infiltrate networks, search for credentials to escalate their privileges, and then move laterally toward crown jewel targets. Vulnerability management, identity and access management, and privileged access management all play essential roles in cybersecurity, but they do not stop this basic behavior.

Cyberattackers can find your hidden credentials—can you?

The answer is YES! You now can have clear and rapid visibility into your network environment and attack surface to reduce hidden vulnerabilities - at a low cost and without impeding the business.

Illusive’s Attack Surface Manager (ASM) reveals hidden credentials and paths to critical systems, automates the discovery and clean-up of credential violations, and provides risk insights that empower rapid action to reduce attacker mobility.

The new Attack Surface Manager, Spotlight Solution puts the power of ASM into the hands of every organization regardless of size or budget. ASM Spotlight exposes six types of risk conditions most often exploited by Mimikatz, Metasploit, and other attack tools. Organizations gain instant and continuous visibility into high-risk conditions such as cached domain admin credentials and unmonitored “shadow” admins, orphaned RDP connections, and violations of local admin policies.

The ASM Spotlight Solution offer includes:

  • Full visualization with unlimited reporting for up to 2000 endpoints
  • 100 automated cleaning actions
  • Professional Services to ensure project success—including installation, tuning, training and consultation with Illusive attack researchers
  • Full trade-up credit for 90 days

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