Visibility and control for your rapidly-expanding attack surface

Get a fast, free, remote Attack Risk Assessment

Your attack surface is changing - fast.

More remote employees than ever before. VPNs strained to the limit. Cyber attackers exploiting the chaos. WFH employees surfing for the latest COVID-19 news. New Corona-themed phishing, account takeover, and other APTs by the hour.

Let us help - with insights and actions to take now.

Illusive is offering free, fast, remote Attack Risk Assessments that answer these critical questions:

  • How robust are my current defenses?

  • How are changes to the work environment affecting my attack surface?

  • What can I do today to reduce my risk?

Our remote assessment will identify hidden vulnerabilities that attackers seek to exploit now such as:

  • Cached domain admin credentials

  • Key endpoints with direct access to critical business assets

  • Improperly disconnected RDP sessions with heightened access

  • Ambiguous “shadow admins”

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better positioned to defend your organization from these opportunistic attacks. For more details, check out the Attack Risk Assessment Brief here.

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