Agentless, noiseless deception technology for early cyberattack detection

Despite an arsenal of cybersecurity technologies and mountains of security data, most companies still struggle to stop cyberthreats inside the network. Using “living off the land” techniques, cyberattackers are more savvy than ever in evading security monitoring and controls.

You can’t predict where an attacker will break in, or where insider threats will break out, but you can detect attackers before a crisis occurs. And with a cyber deception strategy, it doesn’t have to be complex.

Stop lateral movement by tripping the attacker

lllusive’s Attack Detection System (ADS) foils the attackers’ reconnaissance and lateral movement process. ADS automatically learns how endpoints are used by the business and then plants tiny pieces of fake data on every machine that blend in to the environment—data that appears useful to the attacker.

High-fidelity alerts improve SOC efficiency

As soon as the attacker tries to use any of these deceptions, the security team is alerted. Defenders, equipped with real-time forensics, know how far the attacker is from “crown jewels” and privileged credentials. They have precisely the data and context they need for efficient incident response. Security teams using ADS:

  • Detect attackers early—no matter where the compromise begins
  • Reduce noise in the SOC through high-fidelity alerts
  • Immediately see what's at risk when an attack is occuring
  • Dynamically adjust as the business environment changes
  • Get scalable protection in days—not months—even across 500,000 endpoints

Built on agentless machine-learning technology, Illusive’s Attack Detection System is quick to install, easy to operate, and enables under-staffed security teams to focus on what matters most to the business. It’s the simpler path to cybersecurity confidence and minimize cyber risk.

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