Watch A Hacker Disable EDR & Launch Ransomware

Part 2: Watch Ex-Hacker Disable EDR & Launch a Ransomware Attack!

Ex-hacker Alissa Knight is back with a vengeance after her failed attacks against Illusive Active Defense in Part I. This time she will attempt to disable EDR and launch a Ransomware attack. Why do we bother? Because we believe that in order to beat our adversaries we must understand how they think and the tactics they use. Watch the trailer for a sampling of what you will see in our recorded webinar.

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Meet the Hacker: Alissa Knight

We asked the best to try and hack Illusive Active Defense Suite. Alissa Knight, recovering hacker is now an advocate for protecting organizations from people like herself. Watch her biographical trailer to see her journey and experiences with cyber warfare for the U.S. Intelligence Community, defense contracting in counterinsurgency operations, advising the Brigadier General of the U.S. Marine Corps at the Pentagon, and countless ethical hacking projects in the private sector.

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Watch this on demand webinar to see a play-by-play of how a Ransomware attack is launched and how easy it is to disable the tools that are supposed to keep the attacker from getting in.