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View from the Attacker Part 1

See a Live Hack Unfold

Go Behind the Scenes of the Hack

Watch the trailer for our on-demand webinar event, A View From the Attacker Part 1. Ex-hacker Alissa Knight takes us inside the mind of an attacker and goes head-to-head with Illusive’s active defense based on deception.

In the recording, you will see the attempted attacks, learn how our defenders shut them down cold, and hear a live Q and A with everyone involved.

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Meet the Hacker: Alissa Knight

We asked the best to try and hack Illusive Active Defense Suite. Recovering hacker Alissa Knight is now an advocate for protecting organizations from people like herself. Watch her biographical trailer to see her journey and experiences with cyber warfare for the U.S. Intelligence Community, defense contracting in counterinsurgency operations, advising the Brigadier General of the U.S. Marine Corps at the Pentagon, and countless ethical hacking projects in the private sector.

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On Demand Event: View from the Attacker Part I

See the adversary’s specific attempts to form a beachhead and move laterally towards crown jewels while changing tactics on the fly. On the flip side, watch how defenders observed every move using deterministic alerts based on deception. When you sign up, you will also receive a link to Alissa's original full-length film where she performs her hack on an Illusive-protected environment and describes her tools and techniques in detail.