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How at Risk Are Your Identity Access Management (IAM) Controls?

Are They Your Top XDR Priority?

As threat detection and response has emerged as a top priority for enterprise security, identity threat detection and response (ITDR) has emerged to address a range of threats that target identity and access controls.

The current threat environment has not only heightened the need to better defend IAM resources; it has given rise to identity threat detection and response as an emerging trend in its own right. An emphasis on a wide range of techniques to detect and defeat attacks against IAM and to harden IAM against such threats is already assuming a growing significance.

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Identity And Access Threat Mitigation

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  • How many organizations are implementing threat detection and response solutions
  • Why attackers are targeting IAM
  • How targeting IAM exploits the human factor of defense
  • Why the increased targeting of IAM requires increased hardening of defenses
  • Why IAM must be combined with Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR)